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“With MyDev, your ingredients become haute cuisine! »- a greedy customer who likes us

Catalyst:  allows a transformation to be triggered or accelerated while consuming less energy.


MyDev, a catalyst for leadership:


  • We make you discover that being a leader means giving meaning and intensity to your choices

  • We allow you to decide when, for whom and why you should take leadership

  • We make you practice to know how to better adapt your leadership to the contexts

  • We make you experience that being a leader means building leaders who will multiply your actions

  • We allow your teams to collaborate with confidence and with more impact on their environment



With MyDev leadership catalyst, you will:


  • Understand the mechanisms of leadership

  • Discover and accept your own leadership

  • Experiment, test, train and strengthen your leadership

  • Knowing when to show leadership and when to give it to others

  • Become a catalyst for the evolution of your team and your organization


Let's explore

your needs and how we

catalyze you and your team's leadership

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