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" What's the use of being alive if you don't have a reason to be " - Tony Stark

Created in 2009, MyDev initially specialized in the assessment and development of leadership, with a humanist approach based on the ability to build and carry out collective projects. This impactful and tangible way of doing things confirmed our 'raison d'être' and is today the key to all of our professional development services.

  • An ecosystem of leadership developers - coaches, consultants, facilitators - led and managed by a team of a few associates

  • An association of leadership craftsmen who share a humanistic vision of management and the same ideal - catalyze the development of evolutionary leadership in their clients

  • A melting pot of collaboration between complementary personalities who all have experience in managing transitions

  • Varied stories and routes to enrich the points of view, give relief and create bridges whatever the situations.


Philippe Masson

Jean-Pierre Gicquel

Jorge Dos Santos

Patrick Parker

Valérie Léger-Dos Santos

Coaching & strategic mentoring

Several decades of experience of leadership in project mode and humanist management, based on trust, at the service of executives and strategic managers for the development of their company.

Diagnostics, solutions & decisions


Rich and multiple experience in different environments, strong willed, management is learned, leadership is practiced. The situations are rarely the same: observing, understanding and acting are the ingredients of managerial progress. Facing problems and daring to face them are the keys to success.

Connector of people and ideas, specialist in collaborations & 'fair process'

With my knowledge of how organizations work, human relations and intercultural challenges, I help managers develop their leadership and motivate their teams to express their potential. With a humanist approach, I help organizations to gain in efficiency, in commitment and to create value in a sustainable way.

Coach & facilitator

in 'consulting & coaching for change'


More than 20 years of experience in professional training. I focus on how we can be more impactful agents of change by examining our hidden motivators and blockers.

Operations Manager


Structuring ideas, highlighting the essential, supporting a team with strengths and diverse personalities but also with varied gifts, this is what drives me at MyDev. Welding and guiding its members to extract the best from them, while keeping the objectives as targets.

Let's explore

your needs and how we

catalyze you and your team's leadership

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