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We have selected proven tools that make sense. And when they didn't exist, we created them.

Because a good analysis of its practices is the basis for a lasting development of its leadership.

Analysis tools and

of development

360 ° TRUST

• MyDev 360 ° which is anchored in trust, one of the keys to leadership

• A modeling tool, to question your ability to generate confidence, you have to trust the judgment of others

• Strong commitment from participants


• An original reading grid for managerial practices

• A 3D image: style, approach to situations and modes of action

• Paths of understanding and progress

Managerial tone

• Inergens' pragmatic approach to understand and adjust its managerial priorities

• Position your actions between the short, medium and long term

• Optimize operational performance, fuel strategic intelligence & develop human capital


• An approach to the talents of individuals

• A systemic tool that can be used on individuals, teams or organizations

• Enables everyone to engage in their best roles and optimize the functioning of teams

Map & Match logo_couleur.png

• The benchmark for assessment tools

• A powerful and easy-to-use tool

• Allows a better understanding of one's natural preferences in the professional context


• A behavioral reading grid

• Simple and accessible results for all

• Allows you to understand your own behaviors and those of others


• An approach to the functioning of individuals

• A very accessible tool

• Allows understanding of how people think and work

Image de KOBU Agency

management and leadership concepts


• A simple and rigorous method

• Everyone contributes: everyone speaks and everyone listens in turn

• The proposals are shared (no hidden agenda)


• Allow everyone to contribute to the progress and success of projects

• Know how to listen and question before speaking or explaining

• Respect and enforce the spirit of the process for collective successes and shared benefits

development board

• Its leadership action plan in the short, medium and long term

Decide on your future (what, when, where)

• Passing on the torch

• Progress by advancing others

engaging projects

• Design and bring a project to life by reassuring through stabilizing elements and engaging with driving elements

• Stabilizers (Meaning, Values, Principles of action)

• Drivers (Ambition, Objectives, Progress milestones)

allied strategy

• Understand the challenges of the various project stakeholders

• Identify your allies, neutrals and opponents

• Build and implement a work of shifting the lines by mobilizing the allies to multiply the angles of approach and the channels of contact with neutral and opposing stances

Leviers de motivation

• Understand the mechanisms and identify depending on the context and individuals what makes it possible to respond to the motivations

• Simplistic: financial gain, carrots and stick

• Complex: autonomy, mastery, sense


• Bet on trust as a shared element of leadership

• If I trust, I release the energies; if I trust I value my work

• The components of trust: Skills + Communication + Relational contract

Decision making

• Understand who should decide

• Know when, why, how and when to decide

• Identify and avoid traps: cognitive biases and social pressure


Let's explore

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